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Grain Dryers

Can be operated independently of each other which is very handy when drying smaller quantities


Graintek can provide the right solution to your automation and handling needs

Installation & Servicing

We can install all the handling and processing equipment associated with the project and also supply spares for all major driers.

GrainTek UK

GrainTek is a company with experienced dedicated people, offering locally based 24/7 service and parts available nationwide. We have spares and service points at Banff, St Neots and Perth with more to follow We have at our disposal 3D Autocad Inventor software whereby we can design your project, so that you can take a virtual tour of the plant before final ordering or installation is started.

Automation & Monitoring

Graintek can provide the correct automation system to meet your site requirements. If it’s a simple on/off operation or a multi-route PLC based processing plant Graintek have the knowledge and experience to ensure that he product goes where it supposed to go.

From intake to dispatched we can monitor your product giving you the confidence that your product is being stored correctly. Graintek can provide the right solution to your automation and monitoring needs.