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Graintek was established and formed in 2009 by Kenneth Addison and Phillip Crow. Although the company was established in 2009, both the founders have had an extensive wealth of experience in the grain industry and add in an old familiar face John Fyfe the three key members on the implementation of the company combined have over 100 years’ experience in the field. Graintek is Scotland’s first Grain Dryer company.

Kenneth Addison the managing director setup an Electrical company called Addison Electrical Ltd in 1983, which started off doing basic and domestic electrical works. Eventually after continued growth the company went in to specialise in control and bespoke automation systems built in house.

During the largest job the young company had undertaken in 1995 at Hamlyns of Scotland (formally known as north eastern farmers) Kenneth Addison met John Fyfe who was sales manager for Law Denis at the site and formed a friendship which opened the door for Addison Electrical to design, manufacture and commission bespoke control systems for the Law Denis grain dryers and handling equipment up until the collapse of Law Denis in 2008.

During the time at Law Denis that is where Kenneth Addison met our now Technical Director Phillip Crow. With the combination of skill and wealth of knowledge Kenneth, Phillip and John setup Graintek. In 2009 Graintek received 3 Grain Dryer orders, exhibited at the Highland Show Edinburgh where we continue to exhibit. We had a visit from former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

Utilizing the knowledge of the original three members saw Graintek receive a few awards such as:


We received our first export order in 2011 to Estonia through a dealer for us, RV Group Estonia, we regularly receive orders that see our products go Estonia and other EU countries.

Graintek originally had two bases, one being in Scotland and another in Cambridge, England with five members of staff. Due to more successful and continued growth, Graintek now employs about fifteen members of staff and during harvest time this number climbs to about twenty-five.

We currently have our main headquarters in Scotland, our secondary base in Cambridge, the Perth office where John Fyfe is, the Aberdeen office where Adam Proud is and our office/agent in Estonia RV Group. From initially just offering grain dryers and handling equipment, Graintek now can offer tray dryers/stirrer dryers, servicing and maintenance, installation, parts and much more services. Our control panels are built by our parent company Addison Electrical, where only the best quality parts and components are used.

The control panels that is built, are superior in every way, touch screen systems, with easy to follow graphics and data representation, fault monitoring, grain store temperature monitoring, 24/7 support, remote diagnostics available, mobile phone control of dryer plant when out in the field and much more.

Graintek probably has a combined experience of the grain industry with all team members included probably exceeds 200 years who are all skilled and passionate individuals that ensure our success.



Meet the Team

Kenny Addison

Managing Director

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Lynn Addison – Scotland


Phillip Crow

Technical Director/Sales

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Henry Brown

Workshop Manager

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John Fyfe

Sales Manager – Perth Office

Vicky Chapman

Accounts Administrator

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Debbi Gandle

Office Administrator

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Steve Mearns – Scotland

Service Manager

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Stuart Mearns – Scotland


Gatis Pulcs – England

Installation & Service

Rustams Sergejevs

Installation & Service

Maris Bonka

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Arvis Jekimans

Installation & Service

Valdis Piepinsh

Installation & Service

Valdis Sergejevs

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Robert Romaine

Service and Maintenance